Cooking tip: the perfect tempura batter

Tempura batter is a healthier, tasty alternative to the starchy, thick beer batter many are used to on their fish and seafood. As opposed to beer batter, tempura is lighter in colour and texture, it should have a crisp crunch and dissolve in your mouth along with the perfectly cooked seafood or vegetables inside of it.

You can buy tempura batter prepackaged at most supermarkets however it’s actually quite easy, and fun, to make your own.

Here’s how:

– Combine equal amounts of rice flour and wheat flour with soda water and ice to make a thick, lumpy batter.

– Keep it very cold until you need to use it so when it hits the oil, it crisps immediately.

So surprise your family, or your next dinner guests with a superb tempura on the menu.

**If you do try this recipe we’d love to hear about it! Please post a comment below about your tempura experience**