Cooking tip: the perfect tempura batter

Tempura batter is a healthier, tasty alternative to the starchy, thick beer batter many are used to on their fish and seafood. As opposed to beer batter, tempura is lighter in colour and texture, it should have a crisp crunch and dissolve in your mouth along with the perfectly cooked seafood or vegetables inside of it.

You can buy tempura batter prepackaged at most supermarkets however it’s actually quite easy, and fun, to make your own.

Here’s how:

– Combine equal amounts of rice flour and wheat flour with soda water and ice to make a thick, lumpy batter.

– Keep it very cold until you need to use it so when it hits the oil, it crisps immediately.

So surprise your family, or your next dinner guests with a superb tempura on the menu.

**If you do try this recipe we’d love to hear about it! Please post a comment below about your tempura experience**


Cooking for the kids with Variety

I love kids, I have 3 gorgeous boys. They’re constantly on the move and make every day special for me.

They’re part of the reason I support Variety: the Children’s Charity. It’s our responsibility to help kids in need wherever we can.

Last week was the “Variety of Chefs 2011” gala dinner. I was the prize and it consisted of me turning up at the winners house and cooking a curry feast for 10 people. It was won at $6500.

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Sri Lankan flavours for all!

Now you can cook with Peter at home!

Making Sri Lankan flavours possible in every kitchen Peter’s range of stir-through sauces, chutneys and salad dressings are simple to use and sure to impress in any meal.

All products are available for purchase online..


Sushi/Sashimi Masterclass – you’re invited

Sushi and sashimi have long been the mark of a skilled chef. The ability to select the ideal cut of fish and then to slice and present it with precision and a bit of artistic flair.

I’ve spent years cooking with legendary and extremely talented chefs and have worked hard to learn the art of sushi – and now I’d like to share it with you.


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The Advocate: Flying the Flag for Tassie Seafood

After an incredible four days at Taste of Sydney we’ve seen some fantastic blogs about Flying Fish’s menu of prawn skewers with black pepper curry leaf sauce, Petuna ocean trout with white curry and jasmine rice and the Wattalapam, a classic Sri Lankan dessert.

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And the winner of 2 VIP Taste of Sydney passes is…

Flying Fish and I are enjoying getting into social media, it’s a great way to connect with everyone so thank you all for your help and support so far.

We ran a competition on recently for 2 VIP passes to Taste of Sydney. To enter all you had to do was comment and answer “What is your favourite type of seafood, and why?”

Over 1,500 views later and we have a winner!

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Taste of Sydney: Flying Fish Menu

It’s almost here.. Taste of Sydney‘s coming up soon.

We’ve announced the menu for Flying Fish:

You’ll have 3 special dishes to try – none of which are even on the menu at the restaurant



Black pepper and curry leaf prawn skewers with lime and fresh coconut



Seared Petuna ocean trout with a white curry sauce, jasmine rice and raw vegetable sambal



The Wattalapam, Sri Lankan crème caramel with palm treacle and roast cashews


CLICK HERE for the full menu!


BIG NEWS! We have a few free VIP passes to give away. We’ll be putting up a competition on FACEBOOK in the next few days so make sure you LIKE Flying Fish Restaurant and stay tuned!


Sri Lanka to Taste (of Sydney, that is!)

I can’t believe this incredible trip is ending in March. It has been life changing, eye opening and an honour to undertake.

But as every chef learns – there’s  no rest for the wicked. So shortly after I get back I’m bringing some of my favourite Sri Lankan flavours to Taste of Sydney along with my crew from Flying Fish Restaurant.

So join my mates Stephen Seckold, Matt Kemp, Jared Ingersoll, Colin Fassnidge and more when Centennial Park turns in to culinary central!


Thanks to Inner West Courier for the article

..and more..

Another excellent piece by the Inner West Courier


So do you have your tickets yet? I hope to see you all there, please COMMENT and let me know if you’re coming.

I can’t wait to share stories and flavours from my trip with you!

Bucksome Buffalos

Wikipedia describes the “Water Buffalo” as

“..water buffalo or domestic Asian water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is a large bovine animal, frequently used as livestock in southern Asia, and also widely in South America, southern Europe, north Africa, and elsewhere.”

I call it “big, grunting herd beast who doesn’t like it much when you play with their breasts”. Ok, ‘udders’. But the first sentence became a great joke between the SBS Food crew, our host farmer Chatura and I.

Hambanthoda is the Sri Lankan home of Buffalo curd. It is rich and creamy, sold in a clay pot and served with palm treacle, a moreish and delicious treat.

SBS Food and I decided to make this amazing delicacy for ourselves – all the way from the udder up!

Farmer Chatura (see below) owns this herd, he inherited it when he was 12 when his father died of cancer, he gets 80 rupees a litre, which is about .80 cents Australian. He lives a hard life but he is happy he has a steady income stream.

Chatura and I

I think his lovely lady ‘los (buffalos) like him a fair bit better than they like me. I got a good old kick to the head when it was my turn to milk.

In the end though we got the most beautiful buffalos milk to turn into curd. It’s a lengthy process and involves letting the milk set and then curd.

The beautiful milk

And now it needs time to set

Here are a few sneak peeks but you’ll have to wait for SBS Food’s “Peter Kuruvita’s Sri Lanka” in September for all the juicy – er, milky – shots!

The SBS Food crew laughing at my hoof to the head!


The amazing herd


How We Love a Hopper

“What is Sri Lanka’s favourite food?” is a much easier question than you’d think! With an abundance of all things delicious the one dish closest to the heart of all Sri Lankans is the ‘hopper’. A hopper is made from fermented rice flour and served with coconut milk, and a mix of onions and spices.

There are also egg hoppers, milk hoppers and sweeter ones too.

I met a gorgeous old lady the other day and guess what – I was treated to a masterclass! I felt like a contestant soaking in the brilliance of a skilled, seasoned chef. This lady was the most brilliant hopper creating hostess and the SBS Food crew caught every frame. You’ll just have to watch the show in September to learn her secrets.

I can’t give away too much but here is the only secret I’ll give away: an ancient coconut scraper…

So I hope you’ll comment and tell me: