Melbourne Cup at Flying Fish!

Everyone’s favourite horserace is around the corner, coming up fast! Your daughters, wives, girlfriends have probably been picking out their dresses and fascinators for months and ladies, are you sure he’s booked somewhere special to watch the extravaganza?

The fashion will be at Flying Fish during the Cup with a la carte menus, sweeps and the race to enjoy on the plasma screens during your meal!

Celebrate with champagne or a selection of wines from sommelier Joe’s extensive menu and taste the new creations in the kitchen by chefs Peter Kuruvita and Stephen Seckold.

A few of the dishes on offer include:

Foie gras parfait, with house made duck ham, rillette cigar, beetroot and mandarin

Confit of Petuna ocean trout with pea mousse, whey, puffed skin, trout roe , nori & pea crumb

Heirloom tomatoes with broad beans, sheep’s milk labneh & olive

White soy torched Crystal bay prawns with seared scallop, pickeld daikon & ginger & shallot vinaigrette

Humpty doo Barramundi with morcilla , piquillo pepper,
zucchini & preserved lemon

To book phone (02) 9518 6677, tables are flying out the door so be quick!


Christmas Day Bookings are Open!

Sydney harbour glitters in an extra special way on Christmas Day, as if it’s decorating itself in dancing sunlight, vying for attention with the ornaments on everyone’s trees.

So this Christmas we’re offering a dinner that sparkles with the highlights of Flying Fish’s menu, for you to enjoy with friends, family, and loved ones, relaxing on the wharf.

Below is the menu, your selection of appetizer, entree, main and dessert is entirely up to you!

Bookings are open from the 13th of October, please phone us on (02) 9518 6677

Christmas Day Degustation

Amuse bouche


Yellowfin tuna sashimi , avocado mousse , wasabi snow & pickled red cabbage

Foie gras parfait with house made duck ham, duck rillette, beetroot & cherries

Confit Petuna ocean trout with pea mousse, Sheeps milk whey & caviar


White peach granita with cinnamon iced tea


Pan fried Blue eye trevalla with crystal bay prawns, young vegetables, yuzu & brown butter

Slow Roasted suckling pig with Morcilla, smoked leeks & apple

Line caught snapper fillet with Spanner crab, pearl barley, black garlic & squid ink


Roasted blood plums with almond crumble, cherry sorbet & custard

Mango parfait with coconut dacquoise, passionfruit sorbet & macadamia praline

Amedei Chocolate & mint mousse cake with raspberry sorbet

Coffee, tea and petit fours

$175pp (4 courses)

BEHIND THE PLATE: Flavours of Morocco

Why simply eat when you can explore? Behind the Plate is takes you into the minds of our talented chefs at Flying Fish and explains the ‘why’ behind their creations.


This dessert was inspired from a classic Moroccan dessert called the “mhancha” which is made of extremely thin pastry sheets filled with a frangapane mixtures (butter, sugar, flour, almond meal) and flavoured with rose water, pistachio, lemon zest, honey and spice. It is rolled and coiled like a snake (the translation of ‘mhancha’) and baked until golden and crispy.

One of our pastry chefs Adam has taken this concept to fine dining heights in “The Morocco”.

Elements of his dish include:

Three tubes made from brick pastry that has been brushed with sugar syrup and baked until golden.

These tubes are then filled with rose cream and pistachio custard.

Beside them a curl of Turkish Delight ice cream is nestled; a rose flavoured ice cream with pieces of Turkish Delight rippled throughout.

At the base of the place honey rose gel is drizzled.

Honeycomb adorns the plate atop the honey rose gel. Rose petals and pistachios garnish for a beautiful finish.

And for another intriguing final texture is a side garnish of Turkish pashmak (fairy floss).

Judging for ChariTEA

I’ve been friends with Dilmah for the past 20 years, we have worked on a variety of projects together ranging from charity to the television series “The Chef and the Teamaker”. They have recently assisted us in creating the stunning new series with SBS FoodMy Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita“.
Merrill Fernando, the founder and father of Dilmah set up the MJF Foundation to support children and impoverished citizens in Sri Lanka.

I left on Sunday the 7th for a week of judging the High Tea Challenge across Australia featuring a selection of the best restaurants in our industry.

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In the Press: “Slice, Dice, Cut and Run” SMH

Today the Sydney Morning Herald featured Peter Kuruvita’s run / walk in the Sun Herald City2Surf for the Australian children’s charity A Start in Life.

Image from the Sydney Morning Herald article click to view

Alongside Giovanni Pilu, Niel Perry and Daniel Hughes the article read, “For Kuruvita, completing the course will be difficult. He is determined to take part despite a shoulder reconstruction after a motorcycle accident.

”I won’t be able to run because it’ll obviously jerk it too much and the surgery is very new so I’m going to walk,” he says. ”It’s going to be a bloody horrible day for me but I really want to do it because of the charity.”

Running for A Start in Life is certainly an important cause. To donate go to

Download and read the article here: SMH Good Living – 9 August 2011 – Slice, dice, cut and run

Awarded “Best Seafood Restaurant in Sydney” [video]!

Russell Pierce with Stephen Seckold accepting the award

On the 30th of July several of our team headed to Sydney Town Hall for the Sydney Fish Market’s Awards for Excellence.

We were nominated for “Best Seafood Restaurant (Sydney)” in proud company alongside Nicks Seafood Restaurant and Garfish.

A shock and honour when MC Peter Helliar announced that we had won, Stephen Seckold accepted the award and made an unforgettable speech thanking our seafood suppliers and partners, Jules Joto, Petuna Ocean Trout and De Costi Seafood. Many remarked that Stephen is an exciting rising star in the fine dining scene – we certainly agree! You can check out his Twitter by clicking: Follow Stephen on Twitter.

To quote the official media release: “For an outstanding seafood dining experience make sure you visit Flying Fish Restaurant and Bar“. You’re all welcome, give us a call on 02 9518 6677, we’d love to have you.

Another highlight of the night was the focus on sustainability with awards like “Star of the Sea” (which went to Professor Robert E Kearney for his research and development of practices in fisheries) and “Excellence in Environmental Practices” (awarded to Broken Bay Oysters Association). Seafood is such an immense and delicious part of our life, we need to make sure it’s around for our great, great grandchildren to enjoy just as much.

Here’s a full list of the winners and runners up – congratulations to all.


Winner: Broken Bay Oysters Association

Runner Up: South East Trawler Fishing Industry Association

Runner Up: Ocean Watch Australia


Winner: The New Zealand King Salmon Company

Runner Up: Clean Seas Aquaculture (Grow Out Pty Ltd)

Runner Up: Clem Jones (Symonds Prawn Farm)


Winner: The Bermagui Fishermen’s Cooperative

Runner Up: Ballina Fisherman’s Cooperative


Winner: OPC Fish and Lobster (A Division of Aotearoa Fisheries)

Runner Up: Moana Pacific Fisheries (A Division of Aotearoa Fisheries)

Runner Up: FinestKind


Winner: Sam Smith, Pilu at Freshwater

Runner Up: Joshua Deluca, Ormeggio at the Spit

Runner Up: Alexanda Joslyn, Pilu at Freshwater


Winner: Peter Roan Seafoods

Runner Up: Costis @ Westpoint

Runner Up: FineFish


Winner: Peter’s Fish Market

Runner Up: De Costi Seafoods


Winner: Bub’s Fish and Chips, Nelson Bay


Winner: Bondi Surf Seafoods, Bondi


Winner: Fins Seafood Restaurant and Bar

Runner Up: Rocksalt, Newcastle

Runner Up: C Restaurant, Caves Beach


Winner: Flying Fish Restaurant, Pyrmont

Runner Up: Nick’s Seafood Restaurant, Cockle Bay Wharf

Runner Up: Garfish Restaurant, Manly


De Costi’s Seafoods


Winner: Professor Robert Kearney, University of Canberra

So thank you to Grahame Turk and the Sydney Fish Market, Sean Connolly, Markus Gerlich, Roberta Muir and Lyndey Milan for their support and judging expertise.

Train Anyway!

On the 29th of July I had major surgery to reconstruct my right rotator cuff. They wouldn’t let someone film it to put on here.

Despite being necessary the surgery didn’t come at a very good time – I’m currently training to run (walk) in the City2Surf with my wife and sons. It’s coming up quickly now and although the kitchen at Flying Fish can be fast paced it’s hardly a city-long marathon.

So healing shoulder and all we went out to train on the weekend, here’s a snap from our stop at the Opera House.

The reason I’m doing this is dedication to a great cause. “A Start in Life” is an important charity, it gives as many as possible of the 600,000 children growing up below the poverty line in Australia the help they desperately need. Maybe it’s a school text book, a pair of running shoes, the money for a healthy lunch. My kids are lucky, they have 2 parents who work very hard and are proud to be caring for them and involved in their lives – many kids don’t have that.

So please, everyone reading this blog, support a worthy cause. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and everything’s appreciated.

CLICK HERE to donate to my run in the Sun Herald City2Surf for A Start in Life

then click the buttons below to share this page with your friends by email, twitter, facebook or whatever else you prefer.

My shoulder will get better and hopefully we can help heal poverty in Australia too.

Cooking tip: the perfect tempura batter

Tempura batter is a healthier, tasty alternative to the starchy, thick beer batter many are used to on their fish and seafood. As opposed to beer batter, tempura is lighter in colour and texture, it should have a crisp crunch and dissolve in your mouth along with the perfectly cooked seafood or vegetables inside of it.

You can buy tempura batter prepackaged at most supermarkets however it’s actually quite easy, and fun, to make your own.

Here’s how:

– Combine equal amounts of rice flour and wheat flour with soda water and ice to make a thick, lumpy batter.

– Keep it very cold until you need to use it so when it hits the oil, it crisps immediately.

So surprise your family, or your next dinner guests with a superb tempura on the menu.

**If you do try this recipe we’d love to hear about it! Please post a comment below about your tempura experience**