BEHIND THE PLATE: Flavours of Morocco

Why simply eat when you can explore? Behind the Plate is takes you into the minds of our talented chefs at Flying Fish and explains the ‘why’ behind their creations.


This dessert was inspired from a classic Moroccan dessert called the “mhancha” which is made of extremely thin pastry sheets filled with a frangapane mixtures (butter, sugar, flour, almond meal) and flavoured with rose water, pistachio, lemon zest, honey and spice. It is rolled and coiled like a snake (the translation of ‘mhancha’) and baked until golden and crispy.

One of our pastry chefs Adam has taken this concept to fine dining heights in “The Morocco”.

Elements of his dish include:

Three tubes made from brick pastry that has been brushed with sugar syrup and baked until golden.

These tubes are then filled with rose cream and pistachio custard.

Beside them a curl of Turkish Delight ice cream is nestled; a rose flavoured ice cream with pieces of Turkish Delight rippled throughout.

At the base of the place honey rose gel is drizzled.

Honeycomb adorns the plate atop the honey rose gel. Rose petals and pistachios garnish for a beautiful finish.

And for another intriguing final texture is a side garnish of Turkish pashmak (fairy floss).


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