We did it! The City2Surf for A Start in Life

To support children across Australia my band of 4 boys and my beautiful wife got out of bed early on Sunday the 14th of August. It was our first time running (walking) The Sun-Herald’s City2Surf.

There were an enormous amount of people there, some sleepy, others wide awake and ready to race. My shoulder’s still healing from a recent reconstruction so we were planning to walk the whole way.

Overcast and grey we didn’t mind, it was great to spend the morning with so many people all running for charities they believe in.

In 2 hours and 39 minutes we were done! The boys proudly showed off at the finish line and we went to find some lunch!

Although the 2011 City2Surf is over you can still donate to a very important cause, CLICK HERE to visit the A Start in Life website and give all kids a great start.

The whole City2Surf initiative is a Sydney institution and what would it be without a proper sausage sizzle right?

And a final congrats to Taj with his prize for finishing


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