Train Anyway!

On the 29th of July I had major surgery to reconstruct my right rotator cuff. They wouldn’t let someone film it to put on here.

Despite being necessary the surgery didn’t come at a very good time – I’m currently training to run (walk) in the City2Surf with my wife and sons. It’s coming up quickly now and although the kitchen at Flying Fish can be fast paced it’s hardly a city-long marathon.

So healing shoulder and all we went out to train on the weekend, here’s a snap from our stop at the Opera House.

The reason I’m doing this is dedication to a great cause. “A Start in Life” is an important charity, it gives as many as possible of the 600,000 children growing up below the poverty line in Australia the help they desperately need. Maybe it’s a school text book, a pair of running shoes, the money for a healthy lunch. My kids are lucky, they have 2 parents who work very hard and are proud to be caring for them and involved in their lives – many kids don’t have that.

So please, everyone reading this blog, support a worthy cause. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and everything’s appreciated.

CLICK HERE to donate to my run in the Sun Herald City2Surf for A Start in Life

then click the buttons below to share this page with your friends by email, twitter, facebook or whatever else you prefer.

My shoulder will get better and hopefully we can help heal poverty in Australia too.


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